Best Leather Strops on Amazon!

In order to maintain your carving edge without ever taking your carving tool back to a stone each time, you will need to use a strop instead. These are perfect for making your tools razor sharp and easily maintaining the edge with no fuss.

If you need a guide on how to use a leather strop, I have a YouTube Video at the bottom of the page for you! But on to the strops!

Best All Around – BeaverCraft Paddle Strop

For about 99.9% of you, this is going to be the only strop you will need! It is a double sided strop, so if you at some point want to put two different compounds on it you can! It’s not really necessary as the green compound it comes with is all I personally use myself.

The strop is simple, the right size, easy to use, and affordably priced! Just add the compound and start using it! If you buy this strop, jump down to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to apply the compound. Link to this strop:

Best for the Budget – BeaverCraft Leather Strop

Need a strop but also on a budget? Just get the leather itself and glue it to a piece of wood!

This is the same leather BeaverCraft uses on their other strops but just by itself. Effective and cheap, pick one up for yourself here:

Best for Spoon Carvers Knives – BeaverCraft Hook Knife Strop

Have some spoon carving hook knives and want a better way to maintain the edge? This is the tool for you!

This strop is designed to contour to your hook knives so you can more efficiently maintain the edges. Absolutely something worth buying and keeping around for any spoon carver! Pick yours up here:

Best for Gouges – Flexcut Slipstrop

Gouges and v-gouges can be a pain to maintain sometimes, but this tool has you covered!

Flexcut made this handy little strop that fits to the contours of your smaller gouges and v-gouges. It’s simple and effective, cant get much better than that! Pick yours up here:

Video Tutorial

If it’s your first time using a strop, here is a quick guide for ya: