Best Wood Carving Pocket Knives on Amazon!

Some of us just want a pocket knife to throw in our pockets so we can whittle wherever we want right? Just me? Well, you’re here on this page for a reason so lets look at some nice whittling pocket knives!

Best All Around – Mastercarver Pocket Whittler 2

I’m a sucker for the classy looking knives and this one scritches all the itches!

This pocket knife has it all, a well designed blade, locking handle, good steel, and a beautiful look. If you want a good single bladed knife, pick this one up and have fun with it!

Best Versatility – Flexcut Tri-Jack

If one blade isn’t enough, how about 3?

The Flexcut Tri-Jack is a great workhorse of a whittling knife. It has 3 different sized blades that lock, and a handle that won’t slip out of your hand! The smallest knife on the skinny end may take a little time to get use to as it feels funny in my hand, but if you want it all, this is the one you get:

Best for Details – Flexcut Detail Jack

For those of you who want just one, really nice, super sharp and pointy blade, the Flexcut Detail Jack has you covered.

It’s thin, fits in your pocket without noticing, has a locking blade, comes super sharp, and will handle the vast majority of your whittling needs on its own! This one stays in my traveling carving kit and will forever have a home in my hands:

Best for Chip Carving – Sarge Vision Maker

Want a cheap but good folding chip carving knife? The Sarge Vision Maker is the perfect choice!

This is a small, but effective knife that is perfect for chip carving! It’s affordably priced, but will benefit form a little sharpening. So if you are an on-the-go chip carver, this may be your best choice:

Best EDC – Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker

We all have one, and they stand the test of time, Swiss Army Knives!

I personally like the SAKs with the regular blade, smaller blade and saw in them like the Hiker. These are great EDC whittling knives that serve a purpose beyond that of just whittling and wood carving. They are just handy to have and keep around: