Best Power Carvers on Amazon

Power Carving is a fun extension of wood carving and allows you to make smooth and organic shapes with relative ease! But not all rotary tools are made the same and there are lots of knockoffs out there that claim to be good.

Here are the only two brands I personally would recommend below.

Best Overall – Foredom K.5240 Woodcarving Kit

If you want to get serious, just get the Foredom rotary tool and call it a day. Seriously, it’s that good!

This thing is a beast, has forward and reverse rotation, comes standard with a flex shaft, and is powerful! You can even find kits that have everything you need to get started like this one on Amazon:

It isn’t the cheapest thing for sure, but I can grantee you that it is cheaper than burning out 4 of the Dremels I have listed below.

Best for the Budget – Dremel With Flex Shaft

If you are on a budget, and need something cheap, quick, and good, The Dremel 4000 may be what you are looking for!

Now I do have to say this, you will absolutely need the Flex Shaft attachment for this or the wood dust will get inside your rotary tool and burn it out super fast. You can get away with having the attachment, but I did try and warn you….

These are great for small projects, but keep in mind that this level of tool is not designed to be used hard for 30+ minutes at a time. So if you want something for a small project, pick up this set here:

If you plan on doing larger projects, jump back up to the Foredom and grab that one. Trust me on this, I have burned out 4 of these 4000 series Dremels, which is more expensive than one Foredom rotary tool.