Best Wood Carving Safety Gloves on Amazon!

There are a lot of slice resistant gloves on the market and they will absolutely make a cut that could send you to the hospital much more manageable. Still, building good carving habits are absolutely necessary but these will at least help you not have to learn too harshly form your mistakes.

Best All Around – DexFit Level 5 Slice Resistant Gloves

Dexfit Level 5 slice resistant gloves are my go to as they are durable, the rubber doesn’t come off easily, and they come in all the sizes and colors! I like mine, I think you will like yours too:

A CLOSE Second – Andanda Level 5 Slice Resistant Gloves

Another great option is from Andanda! They only come in blue, but just like the Dexfit gloves they are durable and come in multiple sizes. Absolutely worth a look:

Best for the Budget – Self Adhering Bandage Wrap

Need something to cover your fingers? I personally use self adhering bandage wrap (ace wrap) that I get from the pharmacy or on Amazon like this one: