Best Wood Carving Sharpening Tools

Sharpening your carving tools is basically mandatory as they will dull and become useless (not to mention unsafe) over time. So having the right sharpening tools will help make your carving experience that much better!

For those of you new to this, I have a quick sharpening video guide at the bottom of the page for you!

Best All Around – Sharp Pebble Whetstones

The basic stone that you will find everywhere is a whetstone, but more specifically a water stone!

I typically recommend Sharp Pebbles whetstones as they are available in multiple grits and if you can’t find one there are many just like it. They are cheap and just need water as a lubricant, super easy to use, and gets the job done fast.

For the basic 400/1000 grit stone that I keep on hand grab this one:
If you want the finer 1000/6000 grit stone, of which I never use, here’s the link:

Best for the Budget – 3M Wetordry Sandpaper

I personally keep some 1000 grit and 2000 grit wetordry automotive sand paper on hand and glued to some wood as a cheap sharpening option. Its durable enough for what I do, replaceable, and cheap! Just add water to the surface and go for it. This is what I primarily use myself:

Best for Gouges – Sharp Pebble gouge Sharpener

If you have some curved gouges, having a curved stone can really help keep them sharp if you damage the tool!

I personally just use my Sharp Pebble whetstones shown above here. They have saved me plenty of time and sped up the sharpening process so I don’t have to rotate the cutting edge on the stones surface for an even grind:

Quick Sharpening Guide!

If you are new to sharpening carving tools, this is my entire process: