Best Wood Finish for Carvings on Amazon!

So you finished carving some wood, now what? Apply some wood finish to seal and protect the wood is what!

I’ve got a few different options here for different carvers with different needs, but all are great choices!

Easiest to Use – Interstate Wood Works Beeswax Paste

If you are new to carving, don’t plan on painting them, but want an easy to use, chemical free option, use beeswax paste!

This is basically beeswax mixed with mineral oil. Apply like lotion, rub it in, and buff off the excess. It can really make the wood show its true colors and makes it look nice! It doesn’t harden, but basically puts on a hydrating wax layer that can be buffed to shine.

I personally use the Interstate Wood Works Beeswax paste as it is advertised as all natural and non toxic, so it fits with my personal needs and wants:

Great for Painting – Sunnyside Boiled Linseed Oil

For those of you who want a nice protective layer on your wood that you can paint over, give boiled linseed oil a go!

This is fast drying and can really make the wood pop! I apply liberally, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe off the excess. Apply 2 to 3 coats if you wish for more protection:

Just keep in mind that you will want to make sure the rags air out before throwing them in the trash. There have been people who say this can start fires in trash cans if you don’t set the rags outside to dry first!

Food Safe – Bayes Food Grade Mineral Oil

If you need a non toxic finish for wooden spoons and bowls, I always use food grade mineral oil!

This doesn’t harden, but it creates a barrier between the wood and the food you put in the bowls or scoop with the spoon. I keep some by my cutting board and reapply to my wooden spoons as need when they look like they are drying out (every few months).

Its super simple to apply, apply liberally, allow to soak in for several minutes, and wipe away the excess:

If you want to see a video comparison to some different wood finishes, check out this video here: