Product Collaboration Request Information

I constantly get requests to “review” products or “promote” a product on the YouTube channel, this Website, or write reviews on Amazon.

However, I do not allow for someone to simply send me a random product and promise to show it to the Carving is Fun audience or even just give my approval. Those that do send me products for free (including major companies) are in complete understanding that I will accept the products, assess their functionality, and on the rare chance that I wish to promote it, show it to the audience as I see fit and in my own way without your influence.


If you wish to send a product for free here is what you are agreeing to:

  • You agree to send the product to the address below for free and with no strings attached.
  • There is no guarantee that it will ever be shown on any of the Carving is Fun platforms including but not limited to YouTube, this website, Instagram, or any other social media platform.
  • You agree to let me have free reign to do whatever I wish with the product, including but not limited to discarding and never using it.
  • You agree to give me the right to give a negative review on the product if it doesn’t meet my standards.
  • You agree to allow me to give the product(s) away as giveaways to friends, family, and/or viewers.
  • You agree to never receiving any feedback, review, video, email, or mentioning your product in any way shape or form
  • You agree to sending me an email stating that you sent a package so I may pick it up.
  • You agree that the product(s) are free, that I am not required to do anything that is asked of you, and I will not return the product(s) back to you.
  • You agree that everything you sent to me is a gift and no longer bound by you, your company, your wants and/or desires.
  • You agree that if I am to show it to my audience that I will promote it or reject it exactly the way I see fit.
  • You agree that I am not responsible for any positive or negative repercussions to your product, brand, company, and/or reputation due to me sharing my opinions to the Carving is Fun audience.

By sending me product you agree to above without any conditions to your benefit. If I wish to further collaborate with you, then I will reach out and create an offer for future collaborations and business relations.

If you do not agree to ANY of the above terms, do not send your product to me.

Again, you sending me something does not mean I will do anything with the product, it belongs to me, and you release me of any responsibility or promise of return to you in any way shape or form.

Shipping and Contact Information

If you agree to all the above, email me at so that I may share shipping information and be aware of a package heading my way.

All information above is current as of 9/7/2023