FREE Downloadable Wood Carving And Whittling Templates!

If you are a beginner looking for direction or an experienced wood carver just looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place!

This page is full of whittling and wood carving templates and patterns for anyone to use. Plus, some of the patterns come with videos to help guide you along the way!

Carving Is Fun Templates!

I love to create a bunch of different carvings for myself and for others, while I don’t always make videos on them, I usually have a template on hand to use! Feel free to download and use any of my templates on the page.

This page will be an ongoing project so come back every now and then for tutorial updates and new patterns!

If you want to learn more about whittling and wood carving, feel free to visit my YouTube Channel:

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Whittling Project Templates

These projects are for those wanting to whittle or carve from blocks of wood ranging from 1x1x4 inches to 4x4x8 inches in size. Just print out the sheet and glue to the wood or use transfer paper to transfer the image.

Project NameDownload Template
Letter (8.5 x 11 in)
Download Template
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Video Link
Ball in CageDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
Bear 1Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Bear 2Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Comfort BirdDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
Bunny 1Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Bunny 2Download (Letter)Download (A4)Video
Bunny 3Download (Letter)Download (A4)Tutorial
Bunny TutorialDownload (Letter)Tutorial
Cat 1Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Cat 2Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Dog 1Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Dog 2Download (Letter)Download (A4)
Dog 3Download (Letter)Download (A4)
DragonDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
FishDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
Fox TutorialDownload (Letter)GuideTutorial
GatorDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
Gnome TutorialDownload (Letter)GuideTutorial
OtterDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
Owl 1Download (Letter)Download (A4)Tutorial
Owl 2Download (Letter)Download (A4)
PenguinDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
QuokkaDownload (Letter)Download(A4)
SealDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
SnailDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
SnowmanDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
SpiralDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
SpoonDownload (Letter)Download (A4)
SquirrelDownload (Letter)Download (A4)Video

Relief Carving Project Templates

These are sized for a 6 x 6 x 2 inch piece of wood for relief carving. Just print out and either glue to the wood or use transfer paper to transfer the image.

Project NameTemplate DownloadVideo Link
Bald EagleDownload (Letter)
CatDownload (Letter)
Celtic CircleDownload (Letter)
Celtic SquareDownload (Letter)
DogDownload (Letter)
FishDownload (Letter)
FlowerDownload (Letter)
HorseDownload (Letter)
Maple LeafDownload (Letter)
Praying HandsDownload (Letter)

Charly Brunet Sculpture Templates!

Charly is a wonderful wood carver who can carve just about anything! He makes really nice, easy to follow, carving videos and his work is always outstanding! Support his YouTube channel with the link below.

YouTube Channel:

Project NameTemplate DownloadVideo Link
Voodoo MaskDownloadVideo
Woman FigureDownloadVideo
Woman TorsoDownloadVideo

Wherewolf Whittler Templates!

Werewolf Whittler is a great wood carver who makes fun little handheld carvings and pendants! She makes wonderful tutorial and carving videos both on YouTube and Instagram! Check out her work and support her efforts at the links below:

YouTube Channel:

Project NameTemplate DownloadVideo Link
Bat (small)DownloadVideo
Bat (large)DownloadVideo
Deer Head (small)DownloadVideo
Deer Head (large)DownloadVideo
Ghost and RavenDownloadVideo
Valentines Day ProjectsDownloadVideo