We Are Hiring Writers!

We are looking to hire writers who know about carving! If you are interested in applying, please follow the instructions below or your application will be discarded without further review.

Send all applications to brian@carvingisfun.com

Step 1

Provide your full name and information about you that would fit in a small author biography under each article.

You will be ghost writing for the website until you have written at least 5 posted articles. On the 6th article, your name will be retroactively added to the past articles that you wrote. This is done for SEO, is beneficial to the site, and helps its rankings. For further questions, please research “Google E-A-T SEO” for details.

Step 2

Please state what subject you are looking to write about from the list below:

  • Power Carving (wood and/or stone)
  • Spoon Carving
  • Wood Carving
  • Relief Carving
  • Stone Carving
  • Foam Carving
  • Fruit Carving
  • Vegetable Carving
  • Chainsaw Carving
  • Tree Carving
  • Wood Turning
  • Pen Turning
  • Ice Carving
  • Wax Carving
  • Pyrography

If you have any related experiences that the website could find useful, feel free to list those as well.

Step 3

State how much experience you have either writing about or actively doing the activity mentioned in Step 2.

If you have pictorial examples of work done, that will be helpful as well.

Step 4

Provide previous examples of your writing, or write a 500 to 1000 word article in a subject(s) listed in Step 2 of your choice.

I will be verifying examples for plagiarism and spun content both manually and with webtools. If content isn’t deemed as original, your application will be permanently rejected.

If hired, articles will be between 1000 words and 3000 words as needed, I will be providing you with the format needed for the website as well as an outline for what the article needs to cover.

Please do not veer off on tangents or feel like you need to get something off your chest when writing. Rambling on or going off on tangents like this hurts the user experience and is usually best served as a different article all together, or in most cases, never written at all.

Readers who are researching something want direct and to the point information. If the “related” information is deemed worthy, it can always be linked to in on the article later.

Step 5

Let me know if you are able to take original pictures of the subject(s) selected in Step 2.

Please do not use stock images or images found online. I will only accept original pictures taken with good quality and care. Any use of stock images or stolen images will result in immediate termination of writing agreement.

Common Questions

  • Q: How much do you pay?
  • A: payment will depend on the quality of your submitted writing example and experience in the subject(s).
  • Q: How do you send payment?
  • A: I will require you to send me an invoice for the agreed upon work and I will send upfront payment through Paypal.
  • Q: How often will you need articles written?
  • A: I am looking to hire up to 4 writers providing up to 2 articles per person per month. This will change in the future as the site grows.
  • Q: How will I know what to write?
  • A: I will provide information on what the title of the article is, primary focus, subheadings, and additional details to focus on.
  • Q: How long do I have to write each article?
  • A: You will have up to 30 days to write the agreed upon articles unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Q: I have never written for the web before, how does it differ from writing for an academic class?
  • A: The differences are night and day, writing for the web is far easier than writing for an academic paper. The tone of the website is both friendly and direct, like you are teaching a friend or neighbor. I will provide you with training information if you are accepted.
  • Q: What If I can’t reach the minimum word count threshold required for the article?
  • A: Contact me and show me what you have, I will be able to provide additional inspiration or may accept it as is without a cut in pay if it is quality work.
  • Q: Do you allow writers to add “fluff” to the articles?
  • A: Summited articles with obvious fluff will automatically be rejected (see previous question for how to prevent this)
  • Q: Do you check for plagiarism and spun content?
  • A: Yes, any signs of plagiarism or spun content will result in an immediate termination of agreed work.
  • Q: Do you want your writers to apply any “keyword stuffing” techniques to the articles?
  • A: Absolutely not, keyword stuffing is old SEO tactics that is going by the wayside and ruins the user experience.
  • Q: Would you like me to recommend any products that correlate with the subject written?
  • A: Yes, only if it will be a natural suggestion. Example, you are talking about how to carve a spoon and you suggest a helpful tool to hold the wood in place (like a spoon mule) and you have experience using a really good one someone can purchase themselves.
  • Q: What is your preferred method of contact?
  • A: All conversations will be conducted via email until further notice.